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the southeastern united states and that is erratic. the long-term forecast unsure and hope it will dissipate. we're sad to see that it's going to create a lot of problems for central america the next few days and need to watch the caribbean. it's hot and that looks like something else could form there and possibly threaten the east coast and that is remaining to be seen. hasn't happened or formed yet. the model guidance, though, showing us some nice temperatures for next week and that is opposite what we're going through. sunday, 74 and showers in the forecast on monday and tuesday and we need them. this is going to be like liquid gold. everyone is so dry. it's becoming critical for us to get rain now. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. >>> and a fight between two high school girls posted on youtube and that landed one of the mothers in jail. it was shot in palmetto, florida. one of the girl's mothers can be seen in the video egging her daughter on, encouraging her to punch harder and ordering her not to stop. the 39-year-old is charged with child abuse. the sheriff's deputies say some of the students
. temperatures in the 70s across the southeastern united states. 75 in wichita, kansas. out to the west, not as cool as it has been in some recent mornings. 67 in salt lake city. here is a look at the national satellite radar. there is a frontal boundy extending from the central plains -- or the midwest up into the great lakes region. that is pushing into our area. and once it gets here it could trigger showers and thunderstorms for viewers later this evening and during the nighttime. tomorrow and friday hot and humid. highs into the low 90s. saturday low 80s for your high. and then sunday mid-70s, and that will continue on monday. sunday we could see some showers and thunderstorms come through. there you go. the latest on the weather. >> many thanks. >>> let's check in with julie wright and see how traffic is moving. >> still slow go in the direction of carol county. that's due to the over turned tractor-trailer. after the exit for 94 in woodbine, traffic squeezing by single file to the left. you can use 97 as the work around. traveling southbound along 29, they have an accident down a
's going to spin up, but it looks like the southeastern part of the united states has to pay close attention to the tropics the next few days. we'll keep you updated on those. lisa became a hurricane overnight. 75 miles per hour at the 11:00 update, it was updated to 80-mile per hour, now back down to 75. moving to the north at 8 miles per hour. when we put all this together for a forecast, small craft advisory in effect as winds kick up with a front coming through and four hour forecast today, this is what we've got going on, 86 for the high. we start to transition today. tonight we go into the 50s. for the next couple days, here comes cooler air. tomorrow we only get to 70. 70 monday. tomorrow there is a chance for a couple showers during the day. the rain chances should hold off until late sunday, monday. chances for heavy rain monday into tuesday before that storm system gets out of here. even when it does we remain in the 70s for our highs. good morning don. >>> good morning, thank you for the long weather forecast, give me a chance to get settled in the chair unexpectedly. i'
of the united states. already we have some concerns for the southeastern u.s. as we have our latest tropical system, tropical storm nicole. it continues to track over cuba throughout these early morning hours, bringing with it torrential rainfalls, mudslides and flooding unfortunately expected in cuba as the storm passes over. it is a quick-moving storm system, so though we'll see a lot of impacts they'll be quickly moving out of the area. that decreases our chances for at least the worst of the damage. this storm quickly shoots into southeastern florida. the center of low pressure passing west of miami by the afternoon, miami, even west palm beach, much of southeastern florida likely to see 2, 4 inches of rain. winds could be as high as 40 to 60 miles per hour. then the storm continues to track to the northeast. now back to you, rob and vinita. >>> here's the rest of your wednesday weather. up to 10 inches of rain are carolinas. parts of the east some late-day downpours in washington, philly, new york, and boston. scattered showers across 70s fr farg to detroit. 80 in kansacity.-p87 dallas.
in the united states. it was in southeastern afghanistan. the taliban controls much of the ter tear in this area. it's also where coalition forces have been stepping up their efforts to drive the taliban out of the safe haven to try to get them out of the region. they are not giving too many details about the crash because until the families are notified back in the states, this now has made this year, 2010, even though there are more than months left. 529 coalition forces have been killed. 351 of them, tamron, are americans. >> and we had an alert come through saying the taliban is low on supplies and moral in northern afghanistan and that they're "thinking about giving up." what does that mean? >> this was a teleconference briefing back to reporters. the northern eastern part of afghanistan has never been the natural territory of the taliban. their stronghold has been in the south and in the west. they tried to show their strength elsewhere. increased operations up to the north. from the supply line to the nations north of afghanistan. what the two coalition generals were saying in the briefin
in the southeastern part of the country. the taliban claims it shot down the chopper, but the united states says there were no reports of hostile fire. nbc's john yang is in kabul now. john, are you able to learn anything new about the chopper crash? >> reporter: well, this was the deadliest chopper crash in about four years here in afghanistan. the choppers are used a lot in rugged and remote areas where it's hard to get around on the ground. this was in an area that was a taliban stronghold, but the territory controlled by the taliban, also an area where coalition forces have been pushing back against the taliban, escalating their efforts to try to drive the taliban out. this is the deadliest year for coalition forces, 529 now coalitions forces have died this year with still three months to go in the year. and 351 of them were americans, also a record contessa. >> john yang reporting from kabul, afghanistan. thank you, john. >>> we are seeing a huge jump in contractors building new homes, just getting the new numbers. new home construction jumped a whopping 10.5% last month. all the more surpr
there is controlled by the taliban and coalition forces led by the united states had been stepping up their efforts to take on the taliban in that area, to try to drive them out. this has been the deadliest year for coalition forces, the deadliest year for u.s. forces with today's crash, 351 americans have died this year. matt? >> john, but as we say, according to american sources the cause of this is still under investigation and yet the taliban has already claimed responsibility. is that the norm in a situation like this? would they normally do something like that? >> reporter: it's very common, matt. as a matter of fact we got the call here at nbc news from a taliban spokesman claiming responsibility. in the past they have often claimed responsibility for things that turned out to be accidents and many of the helicopter crashes here have been accidents, largely because of the tremendous amount of dust in the air. matt? >> john yang reporting from kabul this on this accident. john, thank you very much. >>> now let's get a check of some of the morning's other top stories. >> good morning, everyone
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)